Yanick Mcdonald

Yoga came into my life when my father gave me a book about yoga back in 2003, 21 years ago. I

associated these poses as formidable postures that emanate strength from within.

As a child, I lost both my kidneys to a disease. I began dialysis and waited for a kidney transplant. Regularly I would use the sauna to release water from my body. In the sauna, I saw many people sitting in the poses I learned in my father’s book. My calling for yoga presented itself in the sauna.

In my 20’s I attended a vipassana meditation retreat to learn more about meditation with the goal of stress management. There I learned the power of breathwork and the ability to calm my nervous system.

Now, I am following my passion as a certified yoga teacher. With this healthy affection, I aim to reduce the stress in people’s livesand inspire people to be grateful for what they have.