Yoga Generation’s virtual classes have kept me going during quarantine. Having the option to take a class live is great to feel like you’re still connected to other people, and getting the recorded version of the class after in case you can’t make the live is a great option! My favourite class is of course the Tuesday night pajama yin with Prestonne, it’s so relaxing and usually gives me the best sleep each week. Highly recommend checking them out!

Cassandra B

Yoga Generation’s Virtual Studio has been like knowing your friend has your back. No matter what I needed there was a class that met me where I was.  There are many amazing offerings, class styles and experienced teachers available all without having to leave your home.  It has been everything to know that no matter what the circumstances are that Yoga Gen will be there to support and provide.  They are a lesson in resilience, compassion, and commitment and one that leads by example. 

Robin C

Wonderful space! This is my favorite studio by far. The instructors are excellent and there is a good range of classes. The Aerial classes are really cool. I would have never thought that yoga with a hammock could be so functional, but it is. And it can be very relaxing as well- I mean it is a hammock after all. This is the place to go for Tri-city yogis.

Raoul D

Feeling awesome already after my first class tonight – Deep Stretch Yin! Very friendly staff from answering the phone to at the front desk at the studio. Very friendly and approachable Yoga guru. Feel very welcome by everyone including the regular goers. Very clean and tidy studio, lesson is well guided, nice ambience. I am back for more for sure, you gotta come here!

Amelia C

Yoga Generation is the place to be if you’re looking to improve your flexibility, have a more zen-like state of mind, or get in a great workout. They have a multitude of classes for those who want to explore yoga with a hammock or you can stick with the more traditional style using simply your body and a mat. I love the energy and positive attitude all the teachers bring. You walk into the studio and there is always a new message on the chalkboard and ready-made tea to get you in the mood before your practice. The studio offers a warm, comforting feel and I really can’t complain about the changes in my body…who doesn’t want to be more toned and flexible? There is nowhere else I would want to practice yoga

Jen G

I have tried out several yoga studios in the Coquitlam area and Yoga Generation is by far my favourite. The owners are friendly, the studio is clean and inviting, and the teachers are skilled and fun (try out a class with Leo – his classes are playful, challenging, and different every time!).

I like the aerial yoga classes – it’s really neat to do savasana while cocooned in fabric! I prefer the more challenging poses that the teachers introduce in aerial, but I would imagine that this type of yoga would be great for people with back issues, as the hammock supports you as you move!

It seems like the studio caters to yogis of all experience levels, as I’ve seen first time yoga students all the way up to advanced yogis. There are quite a few different types of classes offered to meet everyone’s needs

Michelle T.