Teacher Training Segments

Having completed the 3 Part In-Depth Yoga Immersions, the 2-part Teacher Training specific segment will offer additional necessary elements to refine personal understandings so that cuing of asana for beginner and all level hatha yoga classes becomes more clear and systematic.

The program will review techniques in systemizing alignment principals, verbalizing, sequencing, and will encourage continued refinement into subtle realms of the energetic body. Short practicums will be introduced towards the end of the training followed by one on one meetings with the lead teacher reviewing insights, strengths and where continued focus can be directed to increase teaching most effectively.

The course will also cover the “Seat of the Teacher” reviewing responsibility, expectation, code of ethics and possibilities within the modern business of Yoga. Complementary to the pragmatics of teaching, students will study the energetic body, refine advanced breath technique (pranayama) and explore the benefits of mantra and meditation.