Summer Mantra: Play. Relax. Have fun!

The definition of “fun” is “enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure. Ie. the children were having fun in the play area | anyone who turns up can join in the fun.”
Did you notice that it doesn’t say the “adults were having fun”?
As summer approaches, it’s a good time to find your inner child and have a little fun.
As adults in this world, we can sometimes forget that life is suppose to be enjoyable. And it’s no wonder; life is hard. The world can be a really sad, depressing place sometimes. When you turn on the news, it’s either bad news or worse news – the good, sweet stuff rarely makes headlines. And so many of us work hard, and rarely play. We adults are an anxious, tired, stressed out group! But there is no prize at the end for how many hours we put in at the office, or if we are worried enough along the way. In the end, what we have is memories of how we lived and loved. I will bet that we all want to remember fun times we’ve had with the people we love. Recollect on the year thus far: what comes to mind that you did that was fun? Who was there, what is the feeling it gave you?

When I was young, my Mother (who is an amazing human by the way) worried a lot, about money, bills, our home, and the future. When we would go out to do something fun, she would often stay back and clean the house, or do something productive. I could see then, that she was missing out on a lot of play and connection that the rest of us were experiencing. We would return home feeling invigorated, and joyful and she would be tired and sometimes annoyed. Now, she no longer stays home taking care of things, she wants to be amused. She lets loose and enjoys the time she has left on earth. I’m learning from my Mother and I want to enjoy my life…. right now!

What is your definition of fun? How do you play? Three things are most often present when we find ourselves having fun. One is playfulness; doing something just for the sake of doing it, no agenda or outcome necessary. The second is connection; having a shared experience tends to lend itself to more fun. This is not to say activities alone can’t be fun, but there will still be connection to one’s self, or perhaps nature. The third is flow; the state when someone is so deeply engaged with what they are doing that they lose track of time, being fully present.

Having fun is not only fun but it’s good for our health! It reduces stress and releases serotonin. It also improves mood and helps increase overall energy. If this isn’t enough, it helps keep us young at heart. So go out and have some fun doing something you enjoy!

The mantra of the summer is easy. It’s lighthearted. It’s intentional, important, and FUN.
Play. Relax. Have fun!

By Nicole Whitman

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