March Mantra: This too shall pass.

This too shall pass.

Change: the only thing that is ever truly constant. No feeling is final.

I called on this mantra in a recent trip to Palm Springs, when what should have been a fun and relaxing vacation turned into a trip from hell. It all started with a day trip to the Salton Sea (I swear that place is cursed!!). My kids must have felt the dark energy in that desert space because they both screamed 10/10 “MAMA MAMA MAMA” the whole 45 minute drive home. Gary and I figured they must just be hungry, so we stopped for burgers at Jack in the Box. My nerves were fried after an hour in the car with my two monsters, so a quick burger seemed like the solution. The food poisoning that wrecked havoc on my family for the next 5 days? Not exactly my idea of family vacation fun. Add a poop in the pool, a broken TV in the rental, a clogged toilet, a baby with a high fever and an anxiety attack into the mix – you can see why I was repeating to myself “this too shall pass” over and over and over for 5 days straight.

This. Too. Shall. Pass.

Everything, no matter how wonderful or terrible, will change. This mantra provides a comfort and inner peace towards the present moment. Even in simple meditation, sit and watch your thoughts come and go. Watch your emotions change. Nothing lasts forever. Consciousness is always moving forwards.

This is your reminder to savour the sweet moments. And if you find a particular thought, emotion or experience to be painful, simply remind yourself that “this too shall pass”. It will not last forever.

When you recognize the impermanent nature of being, you can overcome anything.

Even your 4 year old throwing up in your bed at 1:00am.

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