Therapeutic Yoga & Pilates

This class is perfect for those who wish to learn more about healing and preventing injuries through mindful yoga & Pilates movements.

With the exceptional rise in the popularity of yoga & Pilates over the past ten years, awareness of the practice’s rehabilitative effects has increased. With that in mind, this therapy class taught by Physiotherapist Colleen Byrne, will integrate yoga, Pilates and therapy in order to benefit the body and any healing injuries. This class is perfect for students who wish to learn more about their past, present and future injuries, and how to restore & maintain optimal function in the body. Expect to move through mindful and deliberate poses & exercises that will strengthen, stretch and release chronic “problem” areas, and help you to maintain movement throughout your body.

Every Sunday from 11:00am – 12:00pm.

Each class will have an anatomical focus:

****No Class November 12th due to Yoga Teacher Training****

January 14th: Shoulders, elbows & wrists

January 21st: Hips, knees & ankles

January 28th: Lumbar spine and pelvis

February 4th: Thoracic spine and shoulders

February 11th: Cervical spine and shoulders

February 18th: Shoulders, elbows & wrists

February 25th: Hips, knees & ankles

March 4th: Lumbar spine and pelvis

March 11th: Thoracic spine and shoulders

March 18th: Cervical spine and shoulders