Nicole Whitman

I am here to learn and to love. Yoga has been the most pivotal piece of healing and growth in my life. My relationship with yoga began in my 20’s, I would do a class here and there but it didn’t really stick. In my early 30’s I found out I had breast cancer, this was a life altering moment for me. Everything I thought I knew was about to be challenged in ways I couldn’t even imagine. It was a long and arduous journey, I was left with scars both physical and emotional, new fears, and a host of other emotions and pain I was not equipped to navigate. It was then that I stepped back on my mat and things started to come together. This remarkable practice, along with some amazing teachers lead me towards a path of rediscovery. The physical mindful movements allowed me to feel and accept my grit and my vulnerabilities. This time I was ready to take the step towards having life and yoga interweave. It helped heal my body and and my soul. I needed to learn more about this ancient practice adapted for our modern world, so I started to study it more intimately and became a yoga teacher. From this point on I have learned how little I know, and how this will be a lifelong endeavour. Over the past 15 years I have taken trainings that continue to inspire and humble me. Everyone’s story is unique, and we arrive on our mat for different reasons but beneath it all we are one. I am here to support others as I continue to be supported. I will always be a student first, eager to learn from all of the individuals I have the honour to meet. We are here to experience, and accept, this is what I work on every day.

Yoga Generation came about through a loving collaboration and a desire to create an authentic community of encouragement and friendship. A place where people can come to shine a light on themselves through breath and movement. This studio is a second home for me and I hope it is for others as well.

Off my mat I enjoy hiking, cooking, crocheting, and spending time with my family, which includes my husband, our three kids and our dog Kevin Bacon.