Kimmy Jeeyoung Kim

I was a listless mid-thirties housewife with an eating disorder and suffering from depression when I found myself sick in bed after my first day of yoga. I will always remember discovering yoga this way. Determined to continue this newly discovered practice, my sickness soon faded away, and I felt like a newborn. With clarity of thought, a new feeling of purpose, I understood that an endless yoga journey had just started. In 2018, when I moved to Canada and restarted my yoga journey, it was right here at Yoga Generation. Yoga was my universal language and my only friend in this new, challenging country. I became assimilated into the west’s passion for yoga, devoted teachers and enthusiastic students inspired me along my journey. I had my new home and became deeply immersed in my practice.
To be honest, for some time, I was looking for a greater guru for guidance. But I eventually learned and believe strongly today that “the best teacher is your practice.”
One of my favorite things is hearing other yogis’ rhythm of breath, it gives me a new awakening and a feeling of wellbeing. Breathe in peace and breathe out release, I will always keep going to my practice.
I’m honored to make my return to Yoga Generation and am looking forward to sharing my passion for yoga and breath with others.