Self Care September

This month we wish to focus on self care at Yoga Generation. While the summer can be beautiful and full, it can also lead to burn out. The summer often consists of vacations, longer days, shorter sleeps, less routine, and sometimes poor nutrition (beach side beers, anyone?). The energy of the summer is bright, full and vibrant, and if we are not careful, it can be easy to burn the candle at both ends. When we take the time and space to fill our cups, we are more willing and able to care for others around us.

This month, we invite you to focus on self care. Self care can require a level of selfishness. Put yourself first. Choose you. Fill your cup. Some ideas for how you can indulge in a self care practice this September:

  • Light a candle in the morning, instead of grabbing your phone.
  • Say “no” to extra events and invites so you have more down time.
  • Read a book, instead of watching TV.
  • Goto bed earlier. Sleep in later.
  • Cook a nutritious meal for yourself.
  • Drink more water.
  • Go to a yoga class (duh!)

Over the coming weeks, let’s make self care a priority in our community. One positive habit can often lead to others. What self care practices do you have?

Some mantra’s to ground with this month:

  • I respect my body
  • I put myself first
  • I care for myself

Written by Prestonne Sehn. Photo by Saige Carlson, from our beautiful women’s retreat at Loon Lake. 

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