Our Latest Class: Therapeutic Aerial

Yoga Generation is the only studio in the Lower Mainland offering Aerial Yoga classes. We have a few different class types, from basic Aerial Yoga to Advanced classes. We have recently added Therapeutic Aerial, which we hope our members will love! One of the main benefits of using the silks is to invert. Inversions are good on so many levels; they reverse blood flow in the body, they aid in digestion, they improve memory and they greatly increase flexibility and mobility. Probably the best reason to invert is for spinal health; aerial inversions provided spinal decompression, which is incredible for people who suffer with back pain. Hanging upside down allows muscles in the back to release and relax, allows bones to decompress, and can relieve minor and chronic back pain. Our Therapeutic Aerial class is all about relaxation, stretching, and mobility. Come check out a class! Offered Tuesdays at 12:00pm and Thursdays at 4:00pm. All levels, ages and abilities welcome.

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