Jakub Janecki

Yoga, for me, is synonymous with learning. I’m inspired by movement in all of its subtleties and welcome all practitioners to collectively share this journey.

Seven odd years ago, I found myself on the mat for the first time. I’m not sure how I got there, but I felt quite at home. I was drawn to the vastness of yoga, and always hungered for more. The practice has always helped me keep it real and continues to teach me valuable lessons.

2012 seemed like the right year to steer my ship in the direction of teaching. I embarked on my first teacher training, eager to share while continuing to grow. While I have studied with many who continue to inspire me, my personal practice has been, and continues to be, my greatest teacher. I find that it is constantly evolving, along with my teaching style. With that in mind, expect the unexpected.

Stepping off my mat, I like to find myself at the crag. Climbing has always complimented my practice, each craft intertwining seamlessly with the other. The climber’s journey, whether envisioning a new project or working the crux, cultivates presence in the moment and offers vast opportunities for learning. On or off the mat, each practice stokes my imagination and continues to inspire new ideas.

I am committed to a lifetime of studentship and crave to learn from those I teach.