• alissa-martin-yoga
    Alissa Martin

    I teach Yoga because I believe strongly in the benefits of self-care and enjoys supporting others in the time they set aside for it.

  • BistraYoga
    Bistra Stoyanova

    I encourage my students to be present not only on the mat but also in their life journey. Because when we miss out on the little moments of daily happiness, we miss out on life itself.

  • Elizabeth Marleau yoga
    Elizabeth Marleau

    I first connected with the practice of yoga over 15 years ago while I travelled in southern India. I offer a little bit of wisdom and love, as well as an understanding of mind and body to the students I guide.

  • heatherdawsonyoga
    Heather Dawson

    I believe yoga is for everyone and I find great personal joy in helping students discover what is right for each person.

  • JadaMcCollumYoga
    Hwi Jung “Jada” McCollum

    As a dancer, I started to feel pain in my body, which is when I found Yoga. Once my personal journey with Yoga began, it became something that I wanted to share with others.

  • JakubJaneckiYoga
    Jakub Janecki

    Yoga, for me, is synonymous with learning. I’m inspired by movement in all of its subtleties and welcome all practitioners to collectively share this journey.

  • IMG_0428
    Kathleen Smith

    I see my role as that of a guide and encourage students to trust their intuition. I think one of the most amazing parts of yoga is its ability to connect us with our inner teachers.

  • Leonel Franco Yoga
    Leonel Franco

    Being active is at my core. Through my teaching, I hope to inspire others to be active in their own way. In class, I like to keep it simple - play with the basics, be it breathing exercises or asanas. We will flow, keeping the body and breath moving.

  • nicolewhitmanyoga
    Nicole Whitman

    I believe each person’s yoga journey is unique and I want to provide each person the support they deserve to achieve their own personal goals.

  • PrestonneDomareskiyoga
    Prestonne Domareski

    My goal as a yoga teacher is to inspire kindness, compassion and love towards others, and most importantly towards ones self.

  • RitaMooreYoga
    Rita Moore

    I truly believe that a yoga practice is a lifetime journey and whether it is as a student or a teacher I continue to learn and grow every single time I step onto my mat.

  • Todd Inouye Yoga
    Todd Inouye

    A Wanderlust Festival presenter, a Design creative director, pretty darn good cook, husband and papa of 3 (not in order of importance) you could say I lead a busy modern life.